Apprenticeship Patterns: The Deep End

The Deep End in Chapter 2: Emptying the Cup of Apprenticeship Patterns is a pattern that reflects much of how I’m feeling lately. There are several places in life where this pattern pops up — often because you’ve realized that things feel stagnant in your career. Things need to change in order for you to grow and expand your skillset, and your current environment doesn’t reflect one of growth. The solution of this problem is to make a large life change and let the chips fall where they may. It’s scary to do this because you’re so comfortable where you are and with the work you do, but at the same time you’re stuck in a rut and you need some sort of upheaval in order to feel excitement once again.

I’m feeling this pattern quite a bit right now because I’m finishing up my degree at Worcester State. I’m not quite in a rut at the moment, although the next phase of my professional development is going to demand that I move forward at a rapid pace. Going through the interviewing process is tricky, because I feel constantly aware of the areas of knowledge that I lack expertise in. Obviously no one can know everything, and it’s more important that you’re capable of learning and being an essential part of the team. I think that being hired as an entry level developer is going to be interesting because you really do feel as though you’re being thrown into the deep end.

It feels extremely overwhelming to move into a workspace that you have no experience in, especially in my case where I have no current internships. I know what to expect on a general level, however I also know that there will be many things that I won’t fully understand until I’ve worked as a software engineer for some time. In order to learn any of those things, I’m going to have to fail from time to time. That’s exactly the point of “The Deep End”, and that’s exactly what I need to make sure I remember. If you’re never in a place where you’re failing, you’re never in a place where you’re setting and aiming towards goals.

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