Sprint 4 Retrospective

This past sprint flew by. We did manage to get some work done, although perhaps not quite as much as I would have liked. Still, it was a valuable sprint and we learned quite a bit during it.

Since the last review, we solidified the workflow through which we’re going to be contributing to the project. For each task, we’re going to be creating a branch. Then, after committing it the new branch, we’re going to be creating a pull request for it that we’ll use for development. As we commit, the commit history will appear on the pull request in our GitHub repository, and the progress of the component can be commented on and tracked by others. Once the component is done, we’ll leave a comment saying so, and then it will be be reviewed and pulled into the main branch.

There was a bit of a hold up for some time because we are required to use Google’s Angular Material Design were struggling to identify exactly where to find that. We didn’t entirely realize that the Angular Material Design library was exactly that. Once we did though, we updated the master branch so that all future branches would have compatibility with Angular Material. Our group in particular had already made a branch called Questionnaire-Form before we got it working with Material Design, so we elected to delete this branch and create a new one, named Q-Form.

Also, from what I’ve heard, our back-end plan is currently not going as anticipated. In the beginning, we had plans to either use mocking or to create a server with fake information that we could draw upon. Then, last sprint, we had established that we were going to be using mocking and tying that in to different services that our front end components needed to use. However, it seems as though we don’t fully understand how the back end is currently implemented, and it’s something that we’ll likely need our professor to look even further into before we dive in.

If I could change one thing about how this work has been going, it would definitely be to do more work more often. Currently I think it should be entirely possible to be finishing components almost weekly, and it seems as though no one in the class has been doing that. At least, they haven’t been pushed to the master branch if there has been significant work. However, hold ups with sorting out the development environment and getting material design to function have been a major slow-down, so it is understandable that things haven’t been getting done as fast as we had anticipated.

Going forward, we’re looking to make sure that our new form component on our Q-Form branch works exactly how the Angular Material Form component is designed to work. Right now we have it functioning how it should, with an input field and a submit button, however we’re struggling to get it styled in the exact way that Angular Material is meant to be. Once we cross that hurdle, it’ll be far easier to get components finished, committed, and merged into the master branch.

On to the next one!

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