Sprint 2 Retrospective

During the first sprint, our goal was to get everyone set up with the development environment so that we could all build the AMPATH project and get to work as soon as we were given user stories/had tasks. I believe of the time of the last blog post, we still had to finish getting one or two of my teammates set up, but that was resolved rather quickly. After that, it was learning testing in Angular while playing the waiting game for AMPATH’s team to get in touch.

And well, wait we did. That was no fault of AMPATH’s, though. They’re a rather small development team with a big project. They’ve got their work cut out for them and they’re seemingly very busy.

Unfortunately, with how busy they were, we didn’t get any new tasks to work on at all this past sprint. What was nice was that we got plenty of time to familiarize ourselves with angular and testing. Reviewing testing was important because, for the upcoming tasks we got, we’re trying to figure out whether or not we’re going to be using mocking or a real database with random values for our “back-end” data. If we go with mocking as AMPATH has suggested to us, then our time spent learning testing with Angular over this sprint will be put to good use. I’m also pretty thankful for my Software Quality Assurance and Testing course that I took last semester, because that went in depth about a lot of these same topics.

Overall, Sprint 2 was fair uneventful. However I feel as though my team got more accustomed to working with one another and got a bit more comfortable with each other, too. So for those reasons, I think that it was a positive sprint. I’m excited for the next few weeks of Sprint 3 so we can start working on some coding!

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