Introduction: MINIX 3

For this Spring ’19 semester, I’m going to be delving into an Independent Study of the MINIX 3 operating system under the guide of my professor, Karl Wurst. My goal is to dissect and tinker with the underlying systems of an operating system — Processes, I/O, Memory Management, and File Systems. I’ve already gone ahead and installed MINIX 3 on a virtual machine using VirtualBox. Next step is to delve into the MINIX 3 book and see what’s going on under the hood. MINIX 3 actually has a really great wiki with a section catered towards hacking the OS as well, so I’ll likely be drawing a lot of my information from there, too.

As part of the Independent Study I will be writing a weekly blog post here to discuss what I’ve done every week, as well as a paper that I will finish as a summary of my work at the end of the semester.

Here’s to lots of learning and a great final semester!

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